Baroque meme/baby trend


‘Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort was already onto spring 2018: such as the importance of sleeves, sculptural silhouettes, baroque baby, paperlike fabrics, functional neutrals, garden colors, art-inspired kimonolike fabrics and winter fabrics for summer’.

“In this season, if you don’t step out of your basic normal behavior or pattern, it will become unsalable or it will sort of miss the boat completely,” she said. “The new shape, finally, we’re going to redesign clothes [that] will give a new lease on life for fashion which is a little bit tired, as you know (WWD, 2016).

The London Festival of Baroque Music is a new festival founded in 2015 to continue the legacy and profile of the internationally respected Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music’.

‘London’s leading festival of early music’ – Financial Times (LFBM, 2017)

‘A major trend influence is a focus on nobility and aristocratic etiquette – including that classic Brit style and tailoring’ (Trend Shop, 2017)

‘The original translations of this word include Italian for “tortuous medieval pedantry” and Portuguese for “deformed pearl” (Honour and Fleming). In other accounts, Baroque is associated with strange, bizarre, and spectacle’ (Art history, 2017).

‘The biggest contributions to Baroque art were made by its greatest sculptor, Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680)’ (Art history, 2017).

‘For Bernini and the Baroque, mysticism was not just an inward and hidden experience, but one that involved a direct intuition of the divine, one so clear and palpable that it could be described with vivid language and concrete, visual forms (Art history, 2017).

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‘Canton Tower is one of the world’s tallest buildings – soaring 600m in height…. The shape is created by a rotation between lower and upper level floor plates, characterised by a twist and narrowing elliptical waist of only about 22m’ (ARUP, 2017).

“Tower with waist”. ‘Through this operation, an elegant, hour-glass figure emerged that responds to its surroundings by opening up views towards the Gasometers and the rest of the city. The design for the plaza around the tower becomes like a gigantic sundial, on which the shadow of the building delineates the passing of time’ (Architecture Design, 2015).

‘I’ve often marvelled at the different body shapes, which have been in fashion over the decades: from the skinny boyish figure of the 1920s and 1960s to the fabulous hourglass figures of the 1950s. It also got me wondering why people don’t look like that today’ (We Heart Vintage, 2012).


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